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Amharic resources

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia. Here are some free resources for the Amharic language.


Basic Amharic Dictionary: Amharic-English, English-Amharic. Leslau, Wolf (1970) (Free download)

Dictionary of the Amharic Language by Charles William Isenberg (1841)

Online Amharic-English dictionary with search box


Amharic keyboard and font to download (scroll down for font)

Senamirmir fonts

(to start using font, close the browser and open again; this website has an Amharic “welcome” message you will be able to see if your font is working)

Buy dictionaries online at Amazon (or read reviews):

Concise Amharic Dictionary (Paperback) by Wolf Leslau (see free download above)

Amharic English, English Amharic Dictionary: A Modern Dictionary of the Amharic Language (Paperback) by Endale Zenawi