Removing computer viruses and other goodies

Microsoft has several free and excellent security programs.

  • Windows Essentials.  Free  –  for systems that can pass the Windows software validation.  Provides continuous protection. To clean a virus from your flash drive, select the “advanced” scan.
  • Microsoft PC safety scan. A one-time scan that removes viruses and cleans the registry. You may have to temporarily disable your current antivirus to run this.

If you have never run these before, allow yourself an hour or so for the downloads.

Avira has a free antivirus. To disable, right click the icon.  To check status: Start > Control Panel > Security Center –this is also where you turn on the firewall and automatic updates.

Translation and language tools:

FoxLingo translation toolbar with Google translate (for Firefox)

Longman English Dictionary for English learners (FireFox search engine add-on)

Merriam-Webster Learners Dictionary with pronunciation audio (browse alphabetically, for example, see tornado)

Free image editors:




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